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New and used in Swindon

Are you looking to buy or sell a guitar, drums or other musical instrument?

You are assured of quality service at Kempster & Son where we have been providing high quality musical instruments and supplies since 1952.


We buy and sell a range of musical instruments both new and used, including guitars, drums, orchestral instruments and folk instruments.

Music technology for bands and guitarists

Supplies for student and pro musicians

We sell group and band equipment along with specialist recording equipment. To view our full range of instruments in stock feel free to drop by our shop. Our showroom displays our range of guitars, amplifiers, drums, PA equipment and other musical instruments.


We pride ourselves on our outstanding personal service and expertise. Please get in touch for more information about any of our music services.

We sell high-tech musical instruments and a range of sheet music. We can also provide expert independent advice on most areas relating to music.


- Educational instruments for sale

- Multi-track digital recording equipment

- Instruments bought for cash

- New and used instruments for sale

As guitar specialists

we buy and sell most guitars and carry out guitar repairs in house. For more information about any of our music store services

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